Mow Cop
Mow Cop

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A short walk at Mow Cop with a surprising bit of 'up' , with views over the Cheshire Plain and Jodrell Bank
Distance - 8.99 kilometres, ascent 205m
Terrain - gravel & tarmac track, road, open field, towpath
Parking at SJ857573

Map Required Explorer 268 Wilmslow Macclesfield Congleton, click here to buy


Take the footpath that leads from the car park toward the Castle folly and then take the first narrow footpath to the left, signposted Gritstone Trail
Go Right, up the road, then left down the track, again signposted
Gritstone Trail. If you wish, just after the houses, a narrow track on the right will take you closer to the Old Man then rejoin the main track

At the path gate and junction just below the transmitter mast, take the path to the left that runs along the fence. Keeping the fence on the left follow this path down to the stile and into the woods.
When you meet a fence in front of you take the stile to the left and cross the mud on the stepping stones. Keep the wood and buildings to your left, joining a track which widens. Where it joins another track bear right, then left at the next road junction, which takes you to a derelict road bridge - cross the railway using the underpass

Head right at the junction with the road and over the canal bridge, taking the (easy to miss) steps at the far side of the bridge
Carry on along the canal bank until bridge 181, go under the bridge, take the path up to the left and go left over the bridge and canal
Carry on along this road - take care around the bridge under the railway, the road may look unused, but it isn't !

Straight across at the crossroads, and through the farm buildings. Immediately after the barn on the left, take the footpath on the left, which takes you through the woods

Follow this footpath, keeping the edge of the woods fairly close by on your left, until you leave the woods via a stile to the left. You then walk on the other side of this fence for 100 yards or so until a stile by a wooden post brings you back into the woods

Cross 3 short bridges made of old railway sleepers and follow the path up a small valley to some buildings, shortly after the buildings take the track to the right, and once in the open keep the wood to your left and field to your right

Once away from the woods and heading keep your eyes open for a section of track that looks like it has been filled with gravel (a peek at this area on Google Earth suggests it has been used for some sort of Moto-cross or similar), and just after this, take track of to the right which peters out, and head for the dense holly trees on the horizonĀ 
Take the stile in the middle of the holly trees, crossing the field at another stile. Beyond this stile the field is uncultivated and rushy and the track follows the raised line of something like an old quarry tramway BUT in places towards the end the tramway fades away and thing get a bit boggy

Cross another stile onto a tarmac driveway and carryon uphill to the road. Go right along the road for a few hundred yards until just by another driveway on the left, a gateway leads through to a path that parallels the road, through trees then opening out through some old quarry workings
Take the steps, with gates at top and bottom, past the transmitter aerial and return to the Path Junction at 3 and take the track that returns you to the Old Man

Right down the road, then left down the track returns you to the start

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